Dark Messiah: Might and Magic v1.1 +14 Trainer

DARK MESSIAH : MIGHT AND MAGIC v1.1 +14 TRAINER =============================================== HOW TO USE ========== 1. Double click trainer to run (you can do this from anywhere) 2. Load game 3. Press OPTION KEYS for desired effects. 4. ENJOY. NOTE!! ALL OPTIONS ARE TOGGLED ON/OFF with the same key. OPTION USAGE AND NOTES ********************** F1 - INFINITE HEALTH /\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ This is a very simple option, you just turn it on and you have infinite health, no more being beaten up by the baddies intent on doing you harm. ************************************************ F2 - INFINITE MAGIC /\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/ Another simple option, activate for infinite magic and cast as many spells as your heart desires. ************************************************ F3 - INFINITE STAMINA /\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/ Once you activate this option you will have infinite stamina enabling you to run all over the place for as long as you like or alternative kick the shit out as many enemies as you like, go nuts! ************************************************ F4 - SAVE/RESTORE /\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/ enabling this option will activate 2 new keys.. these are.. Z - SAVE POSITION and X - RESTORE POSITION You know the deal by now :) ************************************************ F5 - INFINITE ITEMS /\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/ With this option enabled your inventory items will not go down, such as food, potions etc etc.. ************************************************ F7 - INFINITE SKILL POINTS \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/ With this option you will be able to upgrade your char to max and gain all the spells instantly. T - AMMO SYSTEM \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ When activated you and any friends that you currently have will be able to choose between either a one hit kill option or a freeze enemy option, this option enables the 2 keys for your choosing.. U - Freeze Enemy Ammo Y - One Hit Kill Ammo When selecting one of the above to help you remember I have included the audio helpers, if you press U it will say FREEZE and Y it will say KILLER, this is so you dont have to keep looking them up. Freeze option will do exactly as it says, the enemy will be frozen in whatever position they were in when you shot them, the damage is still taken away so if u kill them then they will die. One Hit Kill is as normal, when you hit the enemy or they get hurt by you or your friend then it will instantly kill them. I like to freeze the enemy with a far off bow shot and then go up close with the daggers :) F8 - OBJECT RIDER \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ After enabling this option you will activate 3 new keys and these are.. M - Lock Current Object Pointer. B - Attach Self To Object. N - Remove Self From Object. USAGE GUIDE *********** 1. Choose your telekinesis ability. 2. Pick up an object of your choice. 3. Press M to lock object. 4. Throw Object into the air or over a fence, anywhere you like. 5. While its in mid air.. Press B, you will now be riding along with the object. 6. When you are finished just Press N to release yourself from the object. 7. To choose another object simply pick it up and Press M again. BE CAREFUL!!! If you object is destroyed while you are riding it you could possibly get stuck in mid air.. Im sure there are few other small side effects aswell, but be careful and im sure you will have lots of fun. G - DETONATING FIREBALLS \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/ When enabled this option opens up 1 new key and this is.. J - Explode Current Fireball. This option is designed to work with the FIREBALL spell and works like this, when you activate this option your fireballs will NOT explode if they hit something they will simply stay there in mid air, if you keep ur finger held down you can keep placing the fireball anywhere in the room you wish, this lets you setup a nasty suprise for the enemy because they cant detect a fireball until it explodes. So, once you have the fireball in position just press the J key to instantly explode the fireball and no more enemies.. have lots of fun with this.. i know i did. :) SIDE NOTE!! Sometimes the fireball will fizzle out if you take too long, or if you get it trapped somewhere etc, just wait for it to disappear before you fire off another one, also you may experience some glitches when swapping immediately from fireball to weapons then back again, if so just select another spell, then the fireball and all is good again. F10 - INSTANT FIREBALLS \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ With this option activated you no longer have to wait for that annoyingly slow build up for each fireball, as soon as the current one has exploded u can send out another one immediately with no waiting. F11 - REMOVE SPELL TIMERS \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ Just as the option say, when activated it will remove the spell timers from spells such as CHARM and FIRETRAP, enjoy.. F12 - INFINITE ADRENALINE \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\ Again, another simple option that will give you infinite adrenaline so that you can run around cutting peoples heads off till your hearts content. V - REMOVE GRAVITY \\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/\\/ This option can be great fun, you can use it 2 ways, the first is as a SUPER JUMP, when you first turn it on only you will be affected.. then number 2 is a nice side effect if you just want to have some fun, turn on the option and walk into an AREA that has to load.. or.. turn on the option and load a saved game, from then on everything on that level will be affected by low gravity, you can smash soldiers across the room watching them float away, or smash up boxes for the visual effects.. or target practice for the bow.. its great fun. You can have some serious fun with this.. I used it at the start with the cyclops, i boosted up to the balast window so i could shoot him, when I pressed E to use the balast there were suddenly 2 cyclops in the courtyard very cool indeed... have fun. ================================================================================== If you want more quality trainers just like this one then make sure you visit WWW.CHEATHAPPENS.COM for all your latest CHEATS,TRAINERS and WALLPAPERS. ALSO GET YOUR UPDATES FOR THIS TRAINER AT WWW.CHEATHAPPENS.COM released on 20/11/06 by AGES PRODUCTIONS (C)